AI Assistants for Veteran Political Candidates

Our vision of adjutantAI is to build an AI assistant that connects people with the causes, candidates, and campaign they care about, regardless of party.  adjutantAI is not a political organization, nor do we seek to advance any particular party, political movement, or partisan cause.

As a company founded by military veterans, adjutantAI has chosen to provide access to its platform to candidates endorsed by With Honor, the only Super PAC that operates on a nonpartisan basis to support military veterans who wish to continue their service to the Nation beyond the uniform. Notably, With Honor requires its endorsed candidates to sign The Pledge, where candidates promise to put "principles before politics", participate in a cross-partisan veterans caucus, and to act with integrity, civility, and courage.

The vetting and endorsement of political candidates is performed by With Honor. adjutantAI will work with those candidates to help them as they go through the arduous task of raising money, many of them for the first time.


Peer-to-Peer Email Fundraising

Find new contributors by empowering your most passionate supporters.  Team your fundraisers with an AI assistant to help them connect and engage with new contributors and supporters from their networks.

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Why Campaigns Choose adjutantAI

Quick Setup

Our automated onboarding can have your supporters fundraising within minutes. Our experts can also do a step by step walkthrough.


Industry standard encryption and best practices ensure your data, fundraiser data, and contributor data are secure.

Easy to Use

An intuitive user experience for your supporters and for your admins makes it easy to create, scale, and complete successful fundraising campaigns.


adjutantAI works alongside existing political fundraising tools
and platforms.

Support & Training

Our team of peer-to-peer experts will provide fast response support and ongoing education and training to you and your fundraisers.

Flexible Plans & Pricing

adjutantAI has plans and pricing to meet every campaign budget, including a free trial.

Data Privacy

We will never sell nor share your campaign data or your fundraisers' data without explicit authorization.


As your fundraising needs change, adjutantAI will grow alongside you, its algorithms improving over time.


Your branding and message will be reflected in the smart message templates provided to fundraisers.


Add adjutant to Your Fundraising Team in Minutes

Sign up now and watch as an AI assistant enables your fundraisers to discover and engage with new contributors within minutes. adjutantAI works alongside existing political fundraising tools.


Get a Demo of adjutantAI Fundraising Today

Connect with an adjutantAI expert for a one-on-one demonstration of how adjutant can help your fundraisers discover and connect with new contributors and supporters.  Our experts guide you step-by-step.