Peer-to-Peer Email Fundraising


It's hard to ignore this statistic:
adjutantAI can improve email contribution rates 125x 

How can your campaign increase quarterly fundraising totals if you keep talking to the same people over and over?  Does your campaign struggle with finding new contributors like so many others?  Team your fundraisers with an AI assistant that helps them better connect their networks to your campaign.


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Let an AI Assistant Discover What Your Best Contributors Look Like

adjutant identifies what your best contributors look like using campaign data you provide.


Empower Your Fundraisers with Powerful Recommendations

Using the likely contributor profiles created through AI analysis, adjutant analyzes your supporters' contacts then identifies the best contributor prospects in their networks.


Help Your Fundraisers Succeed with Smart Messaging

adjutant provides your fundraisers with custom email templates that allow them to send personalized, relevant messages with a click of a button. With the help of an AI assistant, your fundraisers engage and activate new contributors with confidence and ease.

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Achieve Fast Results that Continue to Scale Over Time

adjutantAI is powered by AI technology proven to quickly achieve demonstrable results that continue to scale:
  • Within the first hour: a $500 contribution prompted by an email from a fundraiser
  • Within the first week: 10 new contributors
  • Within the first month: $10,000 of new contributions prompted by fundraiser email
  • Within the first two months: Increased email open rates of up to 80% (compared to 10-15%) and click-through rates of up to 30% (compared to 2%)

How adjutantAI Works for Supporters

You Choose What Social Networks to Connect.

Select the contact lists that you would like to connect with adjutantAI.


adjutantAI integrates with contacts from multiple services

adjutant never shares your contacts with any third parties, including the campaigns you fundraise for. 

You can also upload contacts from a CSV file.

adjutant Analyzes Your Contacts.

Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, adjutantAI analyzes your contacts for their likelihood to support the non-profit you are aligned with.


adjutantAI deduplicates your emails and creates a single consolidated social graph across all your contact lists.

You have the option to remove all your contacts at any time.  Your contacts always belong to you. We will never share or message your contacts without your explicit authorization. 

adjutant Recommends Likely Contributors.

Based on the likelihood score, your contacts will be ranked and sorted so you can easily see the most likely contributor among your contacts.


You can quickly view the most likely contributors in your network.

You can search for specific contacts or filter by likelihood to contribute.

You select who you want to engage from the list of recommendations. 

Neither adjutantAI nor the campaign ever messages your contacts without your explicit authorization.


You can view each recommendation's name, email, available social network profiles, and location. 

You can view each recommendation's donor giving profile.  This includes how similar they are to prior donors and why adjutantAI believes they are likely to donate to the nonprofit you are fundraising for. 

You generate, personalize and send a message (with help from adjutantAI).

adjutantAI generates a personalized message for the recipient which you can edit to add your unique touch. Neither adjutantAI nor the campaign you fundraise for will ever message your contacts.


You can select then customize a variety of message templates. 

adjutantAI is an AI assistant that helps political fundraisers identify, recruit, and engage contributors from their social networks

The future of political fundraising is human-AI teams. adjutant helps political fundraisers raise more money and connect more people to the campaign than they could on their own. adjutant uses campaign historical data and an algorithm that ranks each fundraiser's contacts in order of most likely to contribute and provides personalized messaging tailored for the recipient. The result is a faster and more efficient fundraising effort that reaches prospects in the fundraiser's network who look like the campaign's best contributors, but who would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

We keep data secure and proprietary

Why Campaigns Choose adjutantAI

Quick Setup

Our automated onboarding can have your supporters fundraising within minutes. Our experts can also do a step by step walkthrough.


Industry standard encryption and best practices ensure your data, fundraiser data, and contributor data are secure.

Easy to Use

An intuitive user experience for your supporters and for your admins makes it easy to create, scale, and complete successful fundraising campaigns.


adjutantAI works alongside existing political fundraising tools
and platforms.

Support & Training

Our team of peer-to-peer experts will provide fast response support and ongoing education and training to you and your fundraisers.

Flexible Plans & Pricing

adjutantAI has plans and pricing to meet every campaign budget, including a free trial.

Data Privacy

We will never sell nor share your campaign data or your fundraisers' data without explicit authorization.


As your fundraising needs change, adjutantAI will grow alongside you, its algorithms improving over time.


Your branding and message will be reflected in the smart message templates provided to fundraisers.


Add adjutant to Your Fundraising Team in Minutes

Sign up now and watch as an AI assistant enables your fundraisers to discover and engage with new contributors within minutes. adjutantAI works alongside existing political fundraising tools.


Get a Demo of adjutantAI Fundraising Today

Connect with an adjutantAI expert for a one-on-one demonstration of how adjutant can help your fundraisers discover and connect with new contributors and supporters.  Our experts guide you step-by-step.