Campaign Data Hygiene / Cleansing

Does your campaign struggle with multiple databases, disparate data, and multiple entries for contributors, fundraisers, volunteers, and constituents?  We have the solution.  Imagine an AI assistant that helps you

  • Consolidate the formats
  • De-duplicate entries utilizing master consumer identity data
  • Normalize addresses
  • Provide and prioritize outreach data
  • Remove inactive (deceased) entries

adjutant does everything you need and provides you one consolidated database to import back into your CRM.

Before Data Hygiene After Data Hygiene

Benefits of Data Hygiene

Ensures your CRM is clean, accurate and up to-date

Eliminate multiple duplicate emails annoying
your supporters

Reduces direct mail cost by ensuring only one
piece goes to each supporter

Ensures your team has the full picture of
fundraiser / supporter involvement

Receive a Data Hygiene Report to provide better insight on the health of your data

Why Campaigns Choose Data Hygiene by adjutantAI


We use patent-pending machine learning algorithms to start
the process.

Quality Assurance

We conduct quality assurance on the results so you have confidence that your data is what you expect it to be.


We do all of this in a matter of days, so you're not waiting weeks or months for results.


We provide you with a health report that details the results of the
cleansing effort.


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